Estate Planning before Leaving the World

Life will not last forever. There will be a time when people need to leave this world in peace. It will not be easy. One thing that almost always be worried by the most people is about the life of people they love. How they will pass tis life? What you can bring to them before you passed away? All of them must be planned before the time is over. If you are worrying about this, it will be better to make estate planning as soon as possible.

What to Know about Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the part of the future plan. It also relates to the wills and how your asset will be used after you are gone. Having estate plan is very basic and ensures that your family will meet the financial goals, even when you die. There are several elements in an asset plan which is separated into 3 things. Those things are including a will, assignment of attorney and living will. The living will is also related to the medical power of attorney which is very useful before you die.

Take inventory of your assets will always be good to start estate planning. It may include your retirement savings, investments, real estate, insurance policies or business interests. In here, you may need to ask yourself about 3 questions. Whom do you want to inherit the assets? Whom do you want to handle your assets when you cannot do this anymore? Whom do you want to make any medical decisions? Those questions must be answered a long time before your health is getting worse. But thanks to will writing service, making a will be easier.

Why People Need a Will?

In the most case, the term of wills is so related to the assets and how it will be used or given after the owner die. It also known as a device to tell the world about whom you want to give the assets. Wills are protected by the law and very important especially for people with the young children. It will be best way to guard their children after they pass away.

For insurance, it will be transferred automatically to the chosen people when you die. There also another mechanism that called as trust. Trust is a mechanism that allows people to put the specific condition on how they will distribute their assets after they die. It is also helpful to minimize the estate taxes and give. But unfortunately, trust deals with the specific assets only. For example, it works for insurance but not for the total of your stocks. This is why will is still necessary. If you did not specify the considered subject to the probate, the court will distribute your assets to all of the heirs.

The Benefits of Will

Having a will can be the best way to deliver your assets as your wish. It allows you to name the executors to take care of the financial issues when you die. To make it works well, you have to choose the right person who really has the good ability to make a decision without external pressure. Bank or solicitor can also be chose to handle this task.

Will is also helpful to divide the estate to the fittest one. The term of estate refers to all assets that you have such as cash, pets, investments, property, cars, jewelry or the others. And when someone refuses to accept the estate what has been given under the will, the asset will be brought to the residuary clause. The other benefits of will is helping people to reduce the inheritance tax. In UK, people who inherit your estate must pay about 40% tax for assets that worth above £325,000.

Several Ways to Write a Will

Having a will is very useful. There is no doubt about this fact. At least, there are 3 will writing services for individuals. Those will writing services are including DIY will writing, online specialist and qualified solicitor.

DIY writing service, which is also known for the first writing service is the cheapest solution for writing a will. Although it can be frustrating and confusing too, it allows you to save about £50 up to £200. Those costs are just for the basic will. For the more complicated wills, solicitor may bill thousands of pounds. This is why some people prefer DIY writing service. In this time, there are many will templates. You can get it online or in the stationary shops. Compared to the other solution, this is much cheaper. Even a Lawpack template can be obtained only for £10. But there is one thing to understand about this solution. If you take this solution, you will not receive some kind of the legal protection. There also basic legal requirements to write a will. At least, the writer should be over 18 and has mental capacity. Beside it, the will must be dated correctly and witnessed too.

If you want the better service without spending so much money, there is online will writing service. This service is easy to find and easy to use. You can use it as simply as answering the questions about the will online. After finishing the process, the website will send a draft of will. This draft will be sent via email or post. However, not all online will writing service are reputable. Some of them are still new. They do not have the same regulation as solicitors too. If there is something wrong, you are not protected. Some of them are also not legally qualified and may not store the will securely. For this, make sure to ask it first.

And for the last solution, there is qualified solicitor. This is the best service that you can get for writing a will. But of course, it may costly. The cost is so depending on the complexity of the will and the reputation of the solicitor itself. But if you interested, make sure to prepare enough money.

Now, this is the time to make a decision. If you want to make it as easy as possible, solicitor is the best choice. But if you want to make the will alone, you might be interested with the free will template.