About The Differences of Long and Short Options Investment

Option contracts are subdivided into two main types e.g. calls and sales. We have a long call when we pay money for an option and when we receive money for this option to call soon. We have a long put option when we have to receive money of an option and also short put option is considered. As the market is divided into call and put option, to a better definition a call is understood that gives the investor the opportunity to purchase a title, or any other salable object (commodity, for example) a certain price for a period. How to call and put options are divided into a long and short, as a lighter and shorter, that is a long option the opposite of a short option as a long position is the opposite of a short put option sale. When the money is spent on a put or a call, we have a short and its opposite would be a long put option or a call for a long time where money is paid for a specific option.

Options bearings are used primarily develop in construction and property. Support options may also be applied to covered calls, and are used when you have a covered call position and you decide to buy the option and selling another option that has an attack or a different date of expiry different.